About Us

                      Business Strategy

                       Market Strategy

                      GMI Technology is a leading Total Solution Provider for Asia companies and for brand names all over the world. We are constantly striving to develop product solutions that lead market trends, integrate new technologies and leverage our company expertise with our strategic partners. Our value-added services include
                      1. Conducting market research studies to identify new opportunities.
                      2. Keeping abreast of emerging technologies and their potential applications.
                      3. Creating a business ecosystem with our upstream vendor partners and downstream customers to achieve win-win results for all parties.

                       Product Strategy

                      To stay ahead of the competition, GMI Technology focuses on developing products that lead market trends, provide new function and offer superior performance and quality. We take advantage of our vast product portfolio, seasoned engineering teams, and strong partnerships to provide Total Solutions in 4 main product categories:
                      1. Consumer Electronics & Home Appliance
                      2. Information Technology & Networking
                      3. Data & Telecommunications
                      4. Industrial & Power

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