Turnkey Solution

                      BT Speaker

                      Portable lightweight Bluetooth speakers, combined with "wireless stereo transmission technology" technology to provide dual channels, directional, deep and thickness of the sound field, so you can enjoy the extraordinary presence of anytime, anywhere.

                      GMI International offers you the world's most power-saving Bluetooth 5 (BLE / BT 5) dual-mode audio single-chip Realtek(RTL8763B), the world's first brand of wireless audio and video dynamic audio chip. We have prepare open SDK platform, allowing users to develop specialized products, hardware support for high-resolution audio. Low-pitched thick and medium and treble clear and bright, and 3.2 times the traditional CD data processing capacity, so that the interpretation of the sound completely beyond the level of CD


                      The RTL8763B not only supports the latest Dual Mode Bluetooth (BLE/BT 5), but also has the lowest power consumption (<8mA when playing music), an open SDK platform, and High-Res audio output

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